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Family Law

Moms in Divorce: Know Your Maternal Rights Before You File for Divorce

In the past, courts applied a maternal preference in fashioning visitation and child custody orders. That is no longer the case. By statute, Courts are now required to look at the parties equally, irrespective of gender. This is a tacit, legislative acknowledgement that children typically need participation from both parents as they grow and develop. Generally, this includes providing mothers and fathers the ability to be involved in issues concerning the child’s education, welfare and health as well as recognizing that each child has a right to meaningful contact with both parents. To this end, state statutes now generally express that, in the eyes of the law, and in Courts throughout the greater Kansas City metro area, women and men receive equal treatment as parents in the context of constructing a custody arrangement and visitation schedule.

Las Ventajas De Contratar A Un Buen Abogado De Divorcios Para Un Divorcio Incontestado

Bajo las circunstancias adecuadas, las parejas casadas en Kansas y Missouri a menudo eligen terminar su matrimonio a través de un divorcio de mutuo acuerdo. Esta es la forma de divorcio más simple y económica y también ayuda a las partes individuales a mantener su dignidad y privacidad individual y colectiva. Si usted y su cónyuge están en términos relativamente buenos y pueden ponerse de acuerdo sobre todos los asuntos importantes que deberán llevarse ante el tribunal, su caso puede permanecer sin disputa y probablemente será mucho más fácil, más simple y menos costoso. Cuando una pareja no puede ponerse de acuerdo sobre cómo resolver todos los términos materiales del divorcio, como la división de bienes, la división de la deuda conyugal, si se pagará la pensión alimenticia o la manutención conyugal, así como la custodia del tiempo de crianza y las visitas, el divorcio será impugnado y puede ser extremadamente complicado y costoso.

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Overland Park Paternity Lawyer

Studies show that two involved parents are better than one and, in this way, fathers play a key role in their children’s development. For example, children whose fathers are involved during development tend to be more successful, less likely to deal with depression, and less likely to exhibit destructive or risky behaviors. Additionally, children with active fathers often exhibit higher self-esteem and may choose to avoid alcohol and drugs more than kids who do not have a father involved.

As a father, you should stand up for your rights because, as Courts now recognize, both parents are important. Hiring the best Overland Park paternity lawyer is a critical step in that process.

All About Uncontested Divorce

Although people often attempt to represent themselves without the assistance of an attorney, this is not recommended. Even uncontested divorces can be tedious, difficult, and dangerous without the assistance of an experienced and competent attorney.

With a seasoned lawyer to advise you, uncontested divorces can be simple, fast, and efficient, leaving you with the peace of mind of knowing your case is in good hands. If you cannot afford a full representation, The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC also offers limited scope representation at a reduced rate. This representation includes advice, drafting of pleadings, orders, the settlement agreement and divorce decree.

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce can be an unsettling experience. Even a seemingly simple divorce case can present a host of legal and practical, real life complications. In view of this inherent complexity, proceeding pro se (without an attorney) is not advisable. It is almost invariably best to leave it to the professionals and hire a divorce attorney. Finding a divorce attorney is easy. Hiring the right divorce attorney, someone with the requisite experience, skill and temperament to artfully guide you through the life-changing process of a divorce at a price that will not put you into debt can be a daunting task. This blog aims to enumerate the points you should keep in mind when searching for and hiring a divorce attorney.

Dads in Divorce: Know Your Parental Rights before You File for Divorce

For many years, courts employed a maternal preference when it came to child custody and visitation. This doctrine was based on the somewhat antiquated idea that the mother/child relationship plays a more integral role in the physical and mental development of a child than the role of the father/child relationship. Times have changed. Courts have come to realize that children need both parents. This includes generally giving both parents a say as to issues concerning a child’s health, education and welfare as well as recognizing that frequent and meaningful contact with both parents is the child’s right. To this end, state statutes now generally express that, in the eyes of the law, and in Courts throughout the greater Kansas City metro area, men and women should receive equal treatment as parents in the context of constructing a custody arrangement and visitation schedule.

The Advantages of Hiring a Good Divorce Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce

Under the right circumstances, married couples in Kansas and Missouri often choose to end their marriage through an uncontested divorce. This is the simplest and most inexpensive form of divorce and also helps the individual parties maintain their individual and collective dignity and privacy. If you and your spouse are on relatively good terms and are able to agree on all material issues that will need to be brought before the court, your case can remain uncontested and will likely be much easier, simpler, and less expensive. When a couple cannot agree on how to settle all material terms of the divorce, such as asset division, division of marital debt, whether maintenance or spousal support will be paid, as well as custody parenting time and visitation, the divorce will become contested and can be extremely complicated and expensive.

The Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

Going through a divorce can be incredibly difficult. The process can be extremely stressful, frustrating, and painful. One of the best ways to mitigate the ill effects of a divorce is to take the uncontested route. Uncontested divorce occurs where the parties, between each other and most of the time with the assistance of their divorce attorneys, come to a resolution on all material issues without going through the often protracted process of contested litigation. Uncontested divorce helps couples in a number of ways.

Why Hire a Divorce Attorney to Draft your Prenuptial Agreement

Excited about getting engaged and living in a virtual dream world? This euphoric state, as joyous as it can be, should be balanced with caution. In the midst of this celebration, it might be advisable to pause a while and think seriously about drawing up a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Although it may slightly dampen the mood, prenuptial agreements are now extremely common, especially among people who bring a substantial accumulation of money or other assets into the marriage.

Dollars and Sense in Divorce: Three Avoidable Mistakes That Can Drive Up the Cost of Your Kansas or Missouri Divorce

A divorce in Kansas or Missouri can be mentally and emotionally exhausting for the divorcing couple and even for their extended family. It can also prove to be a costly affair if you both choose to hire divorce attorneys to handle the case, which is generally an advisable step. The cost of a divorce can be impacted by different behaviors and decisions made by the couple, collectively and by each party, individually. During the course of the case, you will need to address several important topics including child custody and support, property division, asset and debt division, as well as maintenance or spousal support. The following seeks to address three common mistakes that can serve to increase your costs in a divorce and how to avoid them.