All About Uncontested Divorce

A helpful guide to an Uncontested Divorce 

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

What does uncontested divorce really mean?

A divorce, whether contested or uncontested, is a significant and often difficult process. It marks the termination of a legal, and therefore significant conjugal relationship. It also implicates the division of certain mutual aspects of wedlock. These include the division of marital property (assets and debts accrued during the marriage and prior to separation), a potential award of maintenance or spousal support, and orders pertaining to the support, custody and care of the minor children. If the parties are unable to enter a marital settlement agreement, meaning that a disagreement exists concerning a material issue in the case, the case will proceed down the path of litigation and discovery until the parties settle or until the Judge is called upon to settle the parties’ differences at trial. An uncontested divorce involves two parties who mutually agree on the terms of their divorce.

What are the benefits?

An uncontested divorce is widely regarded as the preferred way to terminate a marriage. When compared to a contested divorce litigation, there are a host of benefis to an uncontested divorce. It involves less conflict, requires fewer trips to the courthouse (generally no trips with the use of a seasoned, experienced attorney), is less expensive, and drastically cuts down the timeframe between filing and finalizing a divorce case so that both parties may resume their lives in full bloom more quickly. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on how to divide their marital property, on whether and to what extent spousal support will be paid, and on child custody and child support issues. In essence, there exists no dispute between the parties as to any material term of the case.  

Should I get legal help with an uncontested divorce?

Although people often attempt to represent themselves without the assistance of an attorney, this is not recommended.  Even uncontested divorces can be tedious, difficult, and dangerous without the assistance of an experienced and competent attorney. With a seasoned lawyer to advise you, uncontested divorces can be simple, fast, and efficient, leaving you with the peace of mind of knowing your case is in good hands.  If you cannot afford a full representation, The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC also offers limited scope representation at a reduced rate. This representation includes advice, drafting of pleadings, orders, the settlement agreement and divorce decree.     

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