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Driving While Suspended


By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

Is Driving While Suspended Just a Traffic Ticket?

Many Kansas City motorists make the mistake of assuming that a driving while suspended charge is “just a traffic ticket” and casually plead guilty. This is a mistake. In Kansas and Missouri, driving while suspended charges can carry heavy penalties. 

Penalty definition

What's the Penalty for Driving With a Suspended License?

Few people realize that driving while suspended is considered to be a serious traffic offense, registers as a misdemeanor or felony, and can result in lengthy license suspensions and jail sentences. In fact, driving while suspended convictions can carry the same criminal penalties as a charge of driving under the influence. For example, in Kansas a first offense driving while suspended conviction can result in up to six months in jail, while a second or subsequent offense can result in up to a year in jail.

These are serious penalties that threaten real jail time and real damage to your driving and criminal records. This is why if you find yourself facing driving while suspended charges in Kansas or Missouri, you need an experienced Kansas City Traffic attorney to defend you. 

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How to Avoid Jail Time for Driving on a Suspended License?

The first step is to contact an experienced Traffic Attorney to discuss your case. The Law Office of Adam Peer has helped many clients avoid serious penalties including jail time for driving while suspended.

Contact The Law Office of Adam Peer for more information or to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Traffic Lawyer you can trust. Adam’s goal is to resolve your legal issues effectively, quickly and affordably. Adam will work with you directly, keep you informed, and work tirelessly to aggressively fight for and protect your interests.

You can request a free case evaluation online. You can also call The Law Office of Adam Peer at (913) 553-4222 or email info@adampeerlaw.com

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