Why Hire a Divorce Attorney to Draft your Prenuptial Agreement

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

Excited about getting engaged and living in a virtual dream world? This euphoric state, as joyous as it can be, should be balanced with caution. In the midst of this celebration, it might be advisable to pause a while and think seriously about drawing up a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Although it may slightly dampen the mood, prenuptial agreements are now extremely common, especially among people who bring a substantial accumulation of money or other assets into the marriage.

Divorce attorneys can help with marrage planning processes

Gone are the days when you approached a divorce attorney for a divorce only. These days, divorce and family law attorneys are also in demand in the process of drafting prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements and otherwise in the marriage planning process. Drawing up such an agreement is the right move if you wish to secure your own financial welfare when facing the exhilarating uncertainty that is marriage. Approximately 20% of marriages end within the first five years. No matter how solid your relationship seems, this statistic shows why many prudent people opt to engage a divorce attorney in order to establish a prenuptial agreement that will protect them, whatever comes. 

Divorce attorneys are well suited to draft prenuptial agreements because they understand what risks need to be avoided and contracted around. Every experienced divorce attorney has had a client who, by not having a prenuptial agreement, has come out of a divorce in substantially worse shape than they came into it and who would’ve benefited greatly from having a prenuptial agreement. Hiring an experienced Kansas City divorce attorney who is well versed in family law will allow you to enter the bonds of marriage with peace of mind, peace of mind resulting from the knowledge that you and your valuable assets will remain protected even through the ugliest of divorces should the marriage not work out. Failing to hire an experienced divorce attorney to draw up such an agreement can result in severe financial consequences in and after a divorce, should things come to that.

In modern America, it is no longer taboo to ask for a prenuptial agreement, it’s now simply a smart decision. So go ahead and draw up a prenuptial agreement with the help of an experienced divorce attorney today.

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