When Charged with DUI in Kansas, Hiring the Right Drunk Driving Lawyer is Paramount

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

One of the first things wise people do when they have been accused of DUI or failed a field sobriety test in Kansas is begin seeking professional assistance. It is well established that an attorney’s expertise and familiarity to Kansas DUI laws can help to defend your case, obtain an acquittal, or at the very least minimize the consequences of your DUI to the greatest extent possible under existing DUI law. Representing oneself when charged with DUI is not advisable.  The following article provides specific examples of situations where hiring an attorney, the right attorney, can pay dividends.

DUI Cases with aggravating factors can result in a Harsher Sentence

In the event that there was more than drunk driving involved, or certain aggravating factors involved in your case, you could be looking at a harsher than standard penalty. Higher blood alcohol content (BAC), prior criminal history, DUI cases involving an accident resulting in property damage or personal injury can all implicate harsher misdemeanor sentences and, in some circumstances can result in felony DUI charges, including charges for aggravated battery DUI. A seasoned DUI lawyer will be experienced in dealing with similar aggravating fact patters, and can best aid your cause and help you stay out of prison, that’s right, prison. Many cases in this category, such as aggravated battery DUI carry hefty prison terms.

Pleading and Proving your Innocence

In many DUI cases, the Defendant admits being guilty of DUI.  In such matters, the right DUI attorney may be able to suppress evidence, challenge the grounds for the stop or the arrest, and otherwise challenge a case based on sufficiency of evidence and or procedural missteps of the police. While some people admit to breaking the law, there are circumstances involving people who are falsely accused. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is of the utmost importance that you seek the counsel of an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney. He or she can aid you in proving that you are not guilty of driving under the influence.

Whether you plan to plead your innocence or attempt to secure a lesser sentence, seeking counsel of an experienced Kansas City drunk driving lawyer is your best bet.

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