Long Term Detrimental Effects of a DUI Arrest and Conviction

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

Anyone who takes to the wheel after having a few drinks, smoking a joint or taking other drugs is susceptible to facing a driving under the influence charge at some point. Arrests that result in conviction are not only embarrassing, but have long term implications on your criminal record as well as potentially long-lasting effects on your career.

What are the long term effects of a DUI Arrest and Conviction?

In no particular order, several of the effects include: 

  • Insurance: If you are convicted of DUI or sustain an occurrence on your driving record, car insurance can become very expensive to purchase.
  • Driving Record and Criminal Record: A DUI will remain on your driving record for years and will remain on your criminal record until you expunge it.
  • Jobs That Require Driving: People who engage in professions that require them to drive may also find their jobs in jeopardy. Corporate insurance plans are less likely to cover individuals with a DUI arrest or a DUI conviction on their record. In some instances, being arrested or convicted of DUI can results in companies firing employees or dismissing employees who cannot operate heavy machinery or delivery vans anymore.

When do I contact a DUI defense attorney?

When facing a DUI charge, it is important to understand that it is not a simple traffic misdemeanor. It is imperative that a DUI defense attorney be contacted as soon as you know you are in trouble and, ideally, before you submit to testing or answer any questions from law enforcement.

Is opting for a DUI defense attorney the best option?

Opting for a DUI defense attorney will maximize your chances of getting free from your charges or, at the very least, minimizing the consequences you will face to the greatest extent possible under Kansas DUI law and under the facts of your particular case. If trial will not be to your benefit, your DUI attorney will negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to have the charge minimized, which can help put the matter to rest in a way that causes the least amount of damage possible.

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