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Now offering phone and video conference consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hiring the Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Best Present your Case

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

Individuals who are facing criminal prosecution will be faced with the daunting task of deciding who should represent them in court. Choosing the criminal defense attorney who will best present your case couldn’t be more important. Attorneys with sound legal knowledge and a rich history of successfully litigating cases can do wonders for you even when the most incriminating evidence points in your direction. 

How can I find a good Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Here are a few tips that will assist you in finding such an attorney, someone who is well versed in criminal law.

  • Find out details about the lawyers you consider such as past experience in cases such as yours, how many years of experience each attorney has and how many cases has he or she handled in the jurisdiction where you are charged? You can even ask about the attorney’s academic history – where did they study law, where did they graduate in their class, did they participate in law journal or moot court, etc.?
  • Take the initiative to ask whether the lawyer’s cases mostly settle or mostly go to trial in addition to finding out what kind of rapport the law firm shares with the prosecutor’s office involved in your case. This will help you gauge the kind of success that the firm has achieved and whether they can easily cut you a favorable deal with the prosecutor.
  • It is also important that you feel comfortable talking to the attorney and discussing your legal standpoint. Look out for a professional who will calmly hear you out. It is the only way you can trust the lawyer to listen to you, understand your needs, and effectively represent you.

Evaluate your options

In evaluating your options, ask for suggestions from each professional as to whether they will counsel you to plead guilty or challenge the state’s case at trial. In evaluating their answers, listen to each attorney’s reasons for their advice – who truly understands your needs and your case, who truly knows the law, understands the possible litigation outcomes and who are you willing to trust with your future. This type of evaluation will then help you settle on the attorney that you feel can best fight for you and fight to defend your case.

Adam Peer has over ten years fighting for criminal defendants across the Kansas City metro area.  He graduated with honors from law school, participated in moot court and was appointed to law journal as a technical editor. He is known as an aggressive litigator with extensive experience trying and negotiating cases across Kansas City. 

Contact The Law Office of Adam Peer for more information or to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer you can trust. Adam’s goal is to resolve your legal issues effectively, quickly and affordably. Adam will work with you directly, keep you informed, and work tirelessly to aggressively fight for and protect your interests.

You can request a free case evaluation online. You can also call The Law Office of Adam Peer at (913) 553-4222 or email info@adampeerlaw.com

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