Crime and Punishment: The Importance of Finding the “Right” Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

The criminal code of the United States, as well as the criminal laws in Kansas and Missouri, set forth regulations and standards of conduct through a statutory structure created by the legislature.  These criminal laws are meant to enforce universal aspects of our collective moral welfare and seek to safeguard the property, health and safety of individual citizens. Those who fail to abide by the applicable criminal laws find themselves at odds with the system and are thus held to answer for their alleged offenses against society. When facing such a grave situation, the assistance of a professional becomes vital as the repercussions that can stem from a criminal conviction or, in some instances, from merely being charged with a crime, could scar your reputation for a lifetime.

How the Right Criminal Defense Attorney Can Provide Help

As any experienced criminal defense attorney knows, the facts of your case will dictate the paths available to your lawyer in navigating your criminal case. Dismissal or acquittal, which allows for immediate expungement, is the best possible outcome. If your case presents the opportunity for litigation resulting in dismissal or acquittal, your criminal lawyer should look to exploit the weaknesses in the state’s case swiftly, aggressively, and thoroughly. If, however, your case does not present the opportunity for litigation, it is important to have a lawyer who can bargain on your behalf in order to minimize the consequences to the greatest extent possible. Whether facing felony or misdemeanor charges, the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney is vital. An experienced Kansas City criminal defense lawyer possesses the legal know-how and expertise to safeguard your rights. Not only does he or she ensure justice in trial, but he will also investigate your case thoroughly, cultivate options and guide you through to the best end possible in your individual case.

Criteria for Selecting the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney means hiring a lawyer who will fight for you, someone who possesses the knowledge, skill and experience to maximize your chances for acquittal or dismissal and minimize the lasting consequences of your criminal case. Look for someone with experience in the jurisdiction you’ve been charged in, someone with a good working relationship with the prosecutor in your case, someone who can easily explain their strategy for your case and why it is the best path. The right criminal defense attorney will communicate well with you and explain the finer points of your case in a way that makes sense. Don’t be fooled by fast talk and high priced sales pitches. Look for substance, communication and experience in evaluating who you decide to trust with your future. 

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