Allegations You may Face After Your DWI Arrest and the Need for a Strong Defense

By Adam Peer - Owner of The Law Office of Adam Peer, LLC

It can be quite daunting to face a DWI arrest and the criminal prosecution that follows. When facing such charges, it is paramount to build a strong DWI defense strategy. Devising such a strategy requires knowledge, experience and an understanding of DWI prosecutions in Missouri.  This requires having the right lawyer by your side. With the right Kansas City DWI defense attorney, you will stand a chance to develop and execute a cohesive, aggressive and effective strategy to defend your case. The following takes a look at allegations common to DWI cases and an overview of the methodology employed in developing an effective defense strategy.

Common Allegations a Prosecutor Makes

In Missouri DWI cases, allegations prosecutors wage against you often flow from the evidence gathered at the time of your arrest. Specifically, the State will build its case around the arresting officer’s statement, the video or digital evidence recorded throughout your interaction with the police, and the breath, blood or urine test administered by law enforcement. Allegations often relate to traffic violations or poor driving observed while your vehicle is in motion as well as observations concerning your demeanor, odor (of alcohol) and other observations during the stop. The investigation continues if the officer chooses to (constitutionally or unconstitutionally) extend the scope of your stop to include a DWI investigation. If this happens, they will attempt to persuade you to incriminate yourself by performing the field sobriety tests. The more you say, the more you give away, the more ammunition the prosecutor will have once your DWI case is filed.  

Putting Forth a Strong Defense

Whether you have been charged with driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, or another related drunk driving offense, it is important to hire an experienced, skilled drunk driving lawyer who is are practiced and well versed in the art of putting forth a defense in your favor. The right DWI lawyer can explain the implications of your case, the possible penalties you could face and scour the evidence in your case to both anticipate the prosecutors’ arguments and assist in devising your defense. 

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