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Kansas City criminal lawyer Adam Peer is certified to administer the field sobriety tests. He has extensive training, knowledge and experience in defending people charged with a Kansas DUI and DWI in Missouri. One of the Field tests Adam Peer has received training and certification on is the walk-and-turn test.

The Walk-and-Turn test is designed to measure whether you are able to divide your attention between multiple physical tasks and the specific mental tasks of listening to the officer’s instructions, comprehending them and then executing them as instructed. There are eight signs of impairment the test administrator is looking out for while giving the walk-and-turn test:

1. Inability to maintain balance during instructions

2. Beginning test before instructed to

3. Stopping after beginning the test

4. Failing to touch heel to toe while walking

5. Stepping off the line

6. Using arms to balance

7. Improperly turning – loses balance or does not turn as instructed

8. Taking the wrong number of steps

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that two or more signs, or “clues,” of impairment on the walk-and-turn test indicates that the subject has a BAC level of .08 or higher with 79% accuracy. The accuracy of this conclusion is quite debatable and has never been subject to peer review.

Depending on the facts, there are numerous ways to discredit or even exclude the results from the walk-and-turn test. These include: pointing out to the court that you have a medical condition or showing that the test is not proper as the subject has suffered a head trauma that affects balance (regardless of how long ago it occurred). If hired, Kansas City criminal defense attorney Adam Peer will examine the officer’s administration of the walk-and-turn test to see if he provided improper instructions, improperly scored the test, or conducted the test in a circumstance that presented an undue number of distractions. Such distractions include heavy traffic, poor weather, or even movement by the police officer during your performance. Kansas City DUI attorney Adam Peer will look at whether your case is one where physical or other conditions that disqualify you as a candidate for the test or now call into question its results.

If you have been arrested for a Kansas DUI or for DWI in Missouri, contact Kansas City criminal lawyer Adam Peer for a free case evaluation. You only have days to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license after an Kansas DUI or Missouri DWI arrest.

Overland Park Criminal Law Attorney | Olathe Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer | Shawnee

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